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03/30/2021 10:51pm Age: 3 yrs

The Reagan Years welcomes frontman, Anthony Nuccio

shows beginning in May 2021

The Reagan Years proudly introduces vocalists, Anthony Nuccio to TRYnation!   Anthony is a Philly native who has spent the past 10 years performing in stage musicals and cruise ships around the Western Hemisphere. After leading the national tour of Rock of Ages, he just couldn't get enough of he 80's!  See more on our YouTube Channel video introduction.
When not on stage, Anthony teaches private lessons and group-style workshops with an emphasis on healthy rock singing and contemporary styles. He also co-runs a Youtube music channel with his wife called Valyant Music, which was fortunate enough to have a brief cameo on Disney+'s documentary Into the Unknown. He's very excited to melt some faces.

Shows with Anthony begin in May 2021.