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11/03/2019 1:10pm Age: 3 yrs

Don Wicklin will return in January 2020

while the bands seeks a permanent replacement

Don Wicklin will return to fill in for Nat who is planning to step-down for personal reasons after New Year’s Eve at Tally Ho Theatre.  Nat will perform the entire November - December calendar so there are several opportunities in multiple markets for fans to wish him well.  Let’s respect his privacy in the transition but thank him for many great shows these past two years.   We had a lot of fun times with him.

Long-time fans will remember Don Wicklin as the lead singer that worked with us when Michael Leigh was out for surgery, 2013-2014.  Don played the Loverboy show with us and participated in the 20th Anniversary shows (2016).  Don returned later In October-December 2017.  “Why doesn’t he just join the band?” is a common question.  Don has a killer day-job that requires some travel and it is just not conducive to the schedule of a fulltime musician.  We know because we have asked him...

Meanwhile, we are searching for a new frontman – lead singer.  This will provide an opportunity for a “reboot” of sorts and we already have some fun different 80s songs in mind.  

If you know someone that wants to make music a part of their life or a great male singer that might be interested; introduce us by email.  This is ours info@thereaganyearsband.com